Bikes for a Better World

A few years ago, I was at Interbike and saw this big, black, industrial-looking bicycle parked near the SRAM booth. It grabbed my attention right away. At first, I thought it would make a great townie bike, but then I found out more. Turns out this bike had a much greater purpose in mind.


You may have seen some clips on either The Fat Cyclist’s blog or other places, but these bikes, which are built and distributed with help from Specialized and SRAM, are the center of a really amazing project called World Bicycle Relief. You can find out more about them here. I found out just what these bikes really meant for people in Africa. I got educated about all of the bikes, mechanics, support systems that WBR were putting into place in Africa. I’ve kept tabs on the initiatives and have donated a bike each year since that day.


But now I’m getting more serious about this and I hope you will too. Between now and Christmas on December 25, we’ve got an opportunity to double the money that goes to this amazing project.


Below, you’ll see a video that explains my perspective on this, and why I’m so excited to support this amazing project. I love the way WBR works, and I’m very proud to have sponsors who do so much more than make great bikes and bike parts. They’re changing lives and improving our world.


To me, bikes are my job, but they’ve also always been my release. Ever since I was a kid, bikes have meant freedom. I’m really glad to see they can mean that for somebody on the other side of the world. All we have to do is get more bikes to them.


I hope you’ll join us. Thanks.


  1. Paula Noonan Quindlen Reply

    I started donating bikes to this project 5 years ago in my daughter and son/daughter-in-laws name. My daughter brought this to my attention and I am excited what can be achieved by this donation. My daughter has been a big mountain bike rider and is now working in Hailey, Id for a very wonderful professional mountain bike racer. This is a excellent charity to support.

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