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A global bicycle charity, World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people in developing countries with access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.  Founded in 2005, World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to mobilizing people through The Power of Bicycles. World Bicycle Relief accomplishes its mission by designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality bicycles that withstand the challenging terrain and conditions in rural, developing areas. Entrepreneurs use the bike to increase productivity and profits. Students attend class more regularly and their academic performances improve. And, health care workers visit more patients in less time, providing better, more consistent care. World Bicycle Relief also promotes local economies and long-term sustainability by assembling bicycles locally and training over 1,000 field mechanics.  To date, World Bicycle Relief has delivered over 285,000 bicycles in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America.


MAG’s work has helped more than 16 million people in conflict-affected communities in over 40 countries since 1989, giving them greater safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, livelihoods and futures.   Laos has the unenviable title of being the most bombed country in the world per capita. For nearly a decade  Laos was subjected to heavy US bombing as part of the wider war in Indochina. US bombing records show that at least two million metric tonnes of ordnance was dropped between 1964 and 1973. Included in this figure are 270 million submunitions – the bomblets dispersed by cluster munitions, known in Laos as bombies. An estimated 80 million – 30 per cent – of submunitions failed to detonate and remained potentially dangerous after the end of the war. Some were dropped at loo low an altitude, meaning that the fuse didn’t have time to arm, and some simply malfunctioned.

As a result of extensive ground fighting during the war, some parts of Laos are also contaminated by other types of UXO, such as artillery shells, anti-tank rockets, mortar rounds and grenades. There are also landmines, but these makes up less than one per cent of the items found.

PeopleForBikes aims to make riding better for everyone. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials, we’re uniting people to create a powerful, united voice for bicycling and its benefits.

Our work focuses on making every kind of bike ride better—whether that ride takes you on trails, down to the grocery store, or all the way across town. Why? Because when people ride bikes, great things happen for our bodies and our minds, and our local and global communities.­­

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Born from our collective experiences as explorers, adventurers and athletes around the planet – achieving goals but desiring greater meaning – the Adventure Activist is a coalition of like minded individuals committed to being the social change we want to see in the world.  The Adventure Activist platform is a meeting place for Athletes, Adventurers and Activists like yourself to share experiences, inspire and be inspired, launch new projects, find technical support to enhance efforts, and add more meaningful value to the incredible stoke you already bring to the world.


The Wood River Bicycle Coalition promotes sustainable trails, responsible biking, and improving riding opportunities for cyclists of all ages and abilities.  Through partnerships, cooperation, and advocacy on local, regional, and national levels, the Bike Coalition works to create a more bike-friendly Wood River Valley.

Founded in 2009, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (“NICA”) develops interscholastic mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. NICA provides leadership, services and governance for regional leagues to produce quality mountain bike events, and supports every student-athlete in the development of strong body, strong mind and strong character through interscholastic cycling.